Thursday, June 4, 2009

A peek inside the dresser

I did this a while back, but thought it was share worthy. When my daughter moved into her room, I grabbed the furniture from craigslist. I painted it white added some fun pulls (more on that to come), and decided to line it. Since the dresser and vanity were used I wanted to line the drawers, I think it warranted something a little more substantial and fun than contact paper. Scented paper was a little spendy and not readily available in my town. I ended up using fabric.
This fabric was found in the sale section at JoAnn's I think it was $2/yd, I grabbed two yards for four drawers. This is also a cotton with a little stretch to it, but I don't think that is necessary.
I took a large piece of cardboard, placed the drawer on top of the cardboard and traced around the drawer. Use an exacto knife to cut out your cardboard, you can keep to the inside of the line traced as you want it to fit inside your drawer.

Cover the cardboard in glue (I used plain crafters glue, but I think this would be a great place to use spray glue). Place the cardboard on top of your fabric. Cut the fabric to size leaving enough to fold over the edges.

Fold over the edges, nothing fancy as you can see here. I was pretending I was upholstering a seat, so I would keep the top side nice looking.

Once your fabric is glued on, insert it into the drawer. It should fit snugly. Here is the top drawer with all of those lovely hair accessories!

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