Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday

On Oct 8th you can Read for the Record. Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar to help set a world record. Did you know The VHC is celebrating it's 40 birthday all year long. We helped our little fan with her third birthday in theme as well.
The invites were made by us. Ink and thumbprints made the caterpillar. We put a hole punch through the cake, and had the detail info on the back, along with a sticker of a butterfly.

The cake

Yum, it was inspired by this one.

A craft, we had all the kids participate. Eric Carle actually used collage to create the artwork in the VHC. We took a spin on that idea. We provided paper plates, glue and lots of cut up tissue paper for each kiddo to make a body segment for the caterpillar. I made the face. We also made caterpillars into butterfly's. Coffee filter, clothes pin butterflies. I had prepped the clothes pins with googly eyes and antenna, my husband hid them in the grass. The kiddos had to search for a clothes pin caterpillar. They then brought it to the table to get a coffee filter and decorated the wings with markers. We attached magnets to the back of the clothes pin so it could be displayed on the fridge. We also read the book! We happen to own three versions, two board books, big and small and a wonderful pop-up (which we read). I also checked out two puppets from our local library, one a caterpiller and one a butterfly. Don't forget your librarians, they are wonderful resources.

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