Friday, April 1, 2011

The Domestic Goddess Apron - Amy Butler

I received this pattern Christmas 2009, along with some lovely Amy Butler fabric from the Midwest Modern line.  I love all Amy Butler fabric, if only it was a little cheaper. 

 It was a perfect gift, as I love to sew.  It is hard for me to get projects done that take longer than naptime.  Fast-forward two years, and I completed it.  This was my first sewn piece from a pattern using that thin tiny brown paper, and directions!  I am a visual learner, so the advent of bloggers putting patterns and pictures on their websites sure does help, and helps me build confidence.  This pattern was my first time tackling pleat.

I like it, I skipped the towel loop on the waistband, as I didn't see using that much.  I wish it was shorter, I must have misread the sizing on that part of the pattern!  Now I need to get cooking in the kitchen!

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