Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vacuum review, Part 1

I need/want a new vacuum. I have a Lab who sheds (we love him) , and a busy family that goes in and out although we always take off our shoes. I am not strict with eating snacks in the living room and our dining room is also carpeted, so I do need to vacuum daily.
*this post might get a little gross for you, hopefully I won't scare anyone into not coming over anymore!
I am currently using a 6 year old Bissel Clean View. I have been super pleased with its performance until recently. It is beyond loud, it hasn't always been, but something has changed in the last half year. I hide the kids upstairs if I am vacuuming downstairs. Once I put them in the car in the attached garage, all doors shut and it still woke up my newborn! Lately it also seems that it does its fair share of pushing the dog hair around instead of picking it up.

First order of buisness:
I want to know if the Dyson is worth the price, or could I just upgrade my Bissel to the new model or even go to the Bissel Animal model. (most everything I have read about animal versions of vacuums is it is the basic vacuum with a special attachment)

I have borrowed a friends Dyson to play with for a while...

Dyson DC07 Pink; Day 1, after cleaning the whole house minus the guest room

Dyson DC07 Pink; Day 3, cleaning just the living room

-Lots of Dog hair/lots of dust. I think I will unpack my pro/con list in a later post.

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