Friday, May 15, 2009

sewing projects

I started with the bandana skirt, Vanessa does things I could only dream of, and I only have two kiddos hanging around my feet! While I was in the bandana mood I found this tutorial and had to try it out as well. I think these simple projects have really helped my self esteem in the sewing department. I love using online tutorials, it is like having a cookbook with pictures! I just might be getting enough confidence to break out some the the vintage toddler dress patterns I have inherited.

Red bandanna skirt, along with applique shirt (from last season 4th of July)

Hot Pink dress ready for summer

This shirt and skirt combo will be gifted this week. What three year old girl won't be thrilled with a Dora shirt and skirt.

For the shirt, I cut out Dora, Boots and the little star, and used fusible web to place them on the t-shirt. The skirt, is crafted using the same basic principles as the bandana skirt. I cut fabric the size of half a bandana and went from there. The only change I made was adding an accent piece of fabric at the waist as well as the hem.

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