Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gift and more bandana love

I made this "hooter hider" or nursing cover for a friend. She saw mine, and I offered to make one for her as a gift. She picked the fabric and I love it. Brown is so in right now, and they are going to be surprised in the delivery room so it works well. Plus I think the cover up is for the mom, not the kid so do what you want! Since she paid for the fabric, I wanted to buy so it would truly be a gift, but she beat me to it, I decided to throw in three burp clothes. These have been over done in the craft world, but everyone needs them and it is super simple to sew an accent onto a cloth diaper.

And this skirt is due to the fact that I discovered Walmart has a bandanna section. They happen to be 89 cents less than the ones at JoAnns and they seem to be softer. This blue was just the right color. I used fabric I already had to trim. I love fabric, but I need to finish projects and use stuff I have on hand before purchasing more, although that didn't stop me from picking up another $1.00 bandanna....

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