Thursday, June 4, 2009

Up and Up

Have you guys noticed the new marketing effort Target has put forward. Target diapers are now Up and Up, as are wipes and a slew of other home products that had a previous labeled Target brand. I like to buy generic diapers if they work. In my ideal world I like to coupon enough so I can get the diapers under $0.16/diaper. I used to always get White Cloud diapers from Walmart, that line was discontinued, although Parents Choice brand is still available. They seem comparable, so I recently purchased Parents Choice.
I still have to run to Target for their wipes, Walmart wipes don't pop up, and honestly if I am going to pay for disposable wipes what is the point if they don't pop up, so Target wipes it is.
While I was there I picked up a pack of the Up and Up to give them a try. I think they are pretty cute, no silly animal or character on them just big pastel blue and green dots. I am a fan of that simple design, but then I don't buy my kid Dora shirts either. The one disappointment is they package 10 diapers per each size. I know some people don't notice less diapers per package, they just check the price. All in all them seem to work well. Although I wish we were just using the potty full time instead...

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