Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fabric covered knob pulls

When creating a big girl room for our daughter, I picked up a dresser and vanity from craigslist. I painted them bright white, the existing hardware was not the whimsical, fun look I was looking for. I searched high and low for fun pulls, but eek, I was not about to pay $9/knob for hand painted flower knobs! I needed 13 total.

This idea came to me, and it is so easy

Items needed:

Mod Podge

Fabric of choice, I chose a small pattern that I didn't have to worry about centering (1/8 yard was enough for 13)

Rubber band

Unfinished wood hardware (I found mine at Walmart, a pack of 8 was a little over $8.00)

Coat your knob with Mod Podge

Take your fabric, I cut mine 3.5" square, and place on the knob.

Wrap the fabric around the knob, smoothing as you go, and gathering around the base.

Coat with Mod Podge again, over top the fabric

Secure with the fabric with a rubber band around the base. It will get sticky with the Mod Podge. After it dries you can cut or remove the rubber band. Trim the fabric at the base of the knob. I coated my knobs a second time to make them shiny and durable.
Attach the knob, and you're finished!


  1. I saw you on one pretty thing
    I really love what you did here
    So creative

  2. Awesome! I was looking for an extremely inexpensive way to cover the awful red plastic knobs from my CL dresser for my Daughter's Big Girl Room too! YOu just made me a very happy mommy!

  3. This is such an easy and useful tip! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Came over from One Pretty Thing. This is a mahhhvelous idea. I love it.

  5. Brilliant! Simply brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing

  6. Such a great idea! I think I already have all the supplies at home too! :>

  7. That looks great! How pretty.

    And "go you" for being featured at One Pretty Thing!

  8. They look awesome! Good job!

  9. Awesome, you rock, I am sooo doing these for my daughters rooms! Thank you. :)

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