Thursday, July 9, 2009

Grilled Pizza

We love pizza, my daughter requests to eat it daily. This pizza was and end of the month/budget use what is in the house creation. It is really good with chicken and fresh veggies too.
I use this for my dough recipe. Heat grill to 400 F. To grill the pizza, I clean the grill well, ie scrape all of the little bits from the surface from the last time we grilled. I rub an onion half over top of the grate ( I heard somewhere that it will help the dough from sticking.) I have the pizza all shaped, on a flat pan and then slide it onto the grill. I don't use a pan underneath. Let the pizza crust cook for 4-5 minutes, with the lid closed and then flip it over and add all of your ingredients. It is best to have all of them ready, outside next to your grill. I usually take a cookie sheet and have everything ready in bowls to quickly add. Once your crust is topped close your grill lid and cook another 5 minutes or so.
The above pizza has tomato sauce that I spiced up with some garlic salt and Italian seasoning, browned hamburger meat with onion and Monterrey jack cheese, not exactly our ideal pizza but like I said we were using up stuff from the pantry! Grilled pizza is a great way to keep your house cool in the summer, no oven. Don't be scared of the pizza dough falling through your grill grate, we have a Webber grill and it has never happened to us, and we have been grilling pizza for a couple of years.

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